Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Serious: An after thought

I need to keep reminding myself about where my identity should come from. I'm realizing how much I identify myself through my job - yeesh, I can't believe how much I identify myself through my job. This truth has hit home in recent weeks more so than ever and I don't like it.

I identify myself through my role as a wife, mother, daughter, sister. "Pastor's wife" is an absolutely loaded identity that sometimes makes me want to take a nap if I think about it too much. What a blessing it is to be married to a pastor that doesn't expect me to wear flowered dresses or play the piano, though, because my thighs might start a fire if I wear dresses too much, and "Heart and Soul" (the only song I can play on the piano) isn't really good church music.

Kidding aside, it's curious how we identify ourselves isn't it? Our jobs, our familial relationships - maybe our bank account balance, or the square footage of our house, or how many Facebook friends we have. I struggle with this, because as a (stumbling, but trying hard to follow Christ) Christian, my identity should come only from my relationship with Him.

But, no matter how confused I get, I am God's kid, first and foremost. He loves me more than I can imagine. Jeremiah 29:11 promises me that He has "plans to prosper me and not harm me; plans to give me hope and a future." That's something to take to the bank, right there.

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