Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Serious: Reflections of a Crazy Pregnant Woman

I think the books call it "nesting."

My husband calls it "crazy."

This weekend, while Reza was skiing in Steamboat with 87 other people, I went to Staples Office Supply (where Olivia had a meltdown of epic proportions, by the way) and purchased 50 cardboard office storage boxes. My sister Kendall came over and we sorted baby clothes, which are generous hand me downs from numerous friends. By the time we were finished, we had 28 boxes of clothes sorted and labeled and stacked neatly on the Air Hockey Table I am dying to get rid of. (Full sized...$150...anybody interested?) Kendall had to go home after that, but we had so much fun looking at all the baby girl clothes!

Then, I filled up 22 more boxes in the basement, organizing stuff that had been stacked in laundry baskets or mismatched rubber tubs that may or may not have lids. Oh, those boxes are so pretty. They're all the same size, and they're easy to label and look as neat as storage can possibly look.

Then, Sunday, I went back to Staples and got 20 more boxes.

I cleaned the front hall closet.

I cleaned out Olivia's closet.

I may have put the pug in one of the boxes - I haven't seen him for a while, but there's no box labeled "Harley."

KIDDING! He's right here next to me on the couch.

Then, last night I cleaned out the office closet and my side of our closet. (Reza had done his side a week ago or so.) You should have seen the stack of trash. I think I took 14 or 15 bags of clothes to the GoodWill. Reza came home at about 8pm last night to chaos. He had to sort through his hats and coats "right now!" And help me load the bags in the car "right now!" And take the trash to the garage "right now!" Poor guy.

This afternoon I did the guest bathroom and our bathroom. Four more bags of trash - nothing to donate there. I cleaned 8 empty contact lens cases with a spare toothbrush.

To compound the "nesting" issue, we are listing our house with our fabulous realtor, Joanne DeLeon (http://www.joannedeleon.com/) on Friday, and everyone knows that clutter won't sell a house. Reza (accurately) assessed that I'm trying to do everything BEFORE the stager comes to tell me what we need to do to get this house sold, which is as ridiculous as it gets.

Welcome to the insanity of pregnancy.


Meaghan said...

nesting is like a craving...it must be satisfied! glad you're a blogger too ;-)

The Shoup Family said...

You are too cute! I just love it. Isn't it funny how you get when you are pregnant?! I cleaned out the closets too, except I wiped them down as well....walls, shelves, the rack the hangers are on. It made total sense at the time. I also took down the bathroom vents and washed them REALLY well. It sounds like you did a better and more organized job of nesting than I did!

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